ICCT Founder


I had envisioned and realized in December of 1992 the establishment of a community school at the commercial district of Cainta, Rizal foremost to provide affordable and quality college education in the field of Information & Communication Technology (ICT), the ICCT Colleges Foundation, Inc. And for almost two decades, we recognize the significant time and remarkable stature to which the college had become from course offerings of a TESDA / technical program to CHED / bachelor programs and the continuous growth of students pursuing their professional careers are the depositions that we had adhere to our vision and mission.

We take pride in fulfilling our goals and at the same time, in a manner that is friendly to our students. We employed highly competent academic heads, professors, instructors and other highly qualified industry experts committed to Collaboration, Academic Excellence, Research and Ethical Practice; to ensure that our graduates are taught of a competitive learning standards, trained to be a critical thinker, worked in-group settings, and to be an effective skills-based workforce. Indeed, our focus is on our students: to serve and develop citizens who will be successful in their lives and careers, and provide a professionals relevant to the international communities. This is a big promise and a responsibility we take very seriously, and particularly; take up intellectual challenges to initiate “A Global Pinoy Distinction”.